Daily Statistics (May 17, 2022)
5,253 people in WV regional jails
4,327 people in WV state prisons
Jails are 23% over capacity
13% of the prison and jail population is Black

HB 2257: A Major Step Back on Criminal Law Reform

The War on Drugs is a failure. It did nothing to reduce addiction. Instead, it fractured communities of color and led to historic levels of incarceration.

HB 2257 doubles down on the failures of the War on Drugs. It’s a relic of the past and it should be rejected.

This bill would allow judges to add up to ten years of state supervision for certain drug offenses. When a person is on state supervision, the smallest transgression like rolling through a stop sign could send them back to prison.

This won’t make our communities safer. It will just put more people behind bars for no good reason.

We should focus on programs that rehabilitate people and help them re-enter society as productive members of their communities. HB 2257 is a major step backward on criminal law reform in West Virginia. Please vote no.

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