Daily Statistics (May 17, 2022)
5,253 people in WV regional jails
4,327 people in WV state prisons
Jails are 23% over capacity
13% of the prison and jail population is Black

HB 2864: End Taxation Without Representation in WV

Voting is the very foundation of our democracy. Society is best served when all voices are able to be heard.

People reentering society on parole or probation for a felony charge should have their right to vote restored immediately. These people join the workforce and pay taxes just like everyone else. Disenfranchising them is a form of taxation without representation.

This bill also ensures that formerly incarcerated people are informed of their voting rights. Many people go years before they learn their fundamental rights have been restored. That’s because West Virginia informs people in writing that their voting rights have been revoked, but does not inform them when they are able to re-register to vote.

It’s time to end this form of disenfranchisement and ensure that every eligible voter in West Virginia is informed of their rights by passing HB 2864.

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