Redemption Over Revenge

Empowering West Virginians by Ending Mass Incarceration

Leading for Justice: 2023 Criminal Law Reform Summit


Led by those with lived experience, this one-of-a-kind, in-person conference will be a shared space to connect and create winning criminal justice reforms in West Virginia.​

There is growing consensus in West Virginia that our criminal justice system fails to create the conditions necessary for rehabilitation and healing.

West Virginia’s system was designed to punish, and it does so at significant expense to taxpayers and society as a whole.​

The West Virginia Criminal Law Reform Coalition is made up of organizations and people directly impacted who are working to reduce our reliance on incarceration and law enforcement in West Virginia. We work at the community and state levels to influence and enact policy that will break the school-to-prison pipeline, end the over policing of communities of color, stop the predatory practice of cash bail, confront the criminalization of poverty, and more.

Our member organizations join this fight for a variety of reasons. Some are called by our faith to oppose cruel systems of punishment. Some of us are concerned that our tax dollars should not be so heavily invested in a system that reduces people’s earning potential. Many see the horrible impact that this system has on children. Others see this system, which disproportionately targets Black people and other people of color, as one of the most blatant examples of systemic racism in our country. 

No matter what motivates us, we are in this fight together for a more just future in the Mountain State.

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